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Network Anomaly Detection…and more

NetNous ensures IT infrastructure performance through automatic anomaly detection. Use LSTech's powerful AI & ML algorithms to discover patterns in your IT infrastructure operation, set up alarms to detect anomalous behaviors, create insightful visualizations, and conduct root-cause analysis connecting to powerful analytics platforms



Similar to a doctor’s stethoscope and thermometer NetNous provides information about the health of your network, servers, and applications simply by monitoring IP packets. 

NetNous is used, among others, for intrusion detection thus can also be used for extrusion detection in order to provide hints for potential dataset leakages from untrusted Cloud-hosted Data Marketplaces.

How It Works



An indispensable tool for all operations and system admin staff that helps them discover:

  • addition/removal of

    • clients on existing apps and resources

    • apps on existing resources

  • resources for same clients and apps

    • flow-tracing tool malfunctions

    • careless clients

    • lousy-built apps

    • malevolent attacks

Image by Alina Grubnyak

Key FeatureS

  • Interpretable evolution assessments

    • Minimize false negatives (i.e. miss a true alarm)

  • Fully configurable to any need

    • from time-zones and alarming metrics to model algorithms and parameters

  • On-premise and cloud-based deployment

    • flexible exec-environment description

    • transparent code instantiation and patching

Image by Robin Spielmann



Major telecommunications provider in SE Europe

  • Processes 25K flow-aggregates per 1 min

  • Operating every 6 mins, responding within 2 mins after

  • Excellent balance between unsupervised learning & heuristic rules

  • Impressive reduction of false positive alarms thanks to model interpretability

  • Well-appreciated insights, thanks to rich but ergonomic dashboards

NetNous success

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