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Pricing analytics for smart online retailers

Pricius automatically generates pricing analytics, enabling smart online retailers to gain dynamic insights into their competitors' pricing strategies, optimally price their products and always stay one step ahead.

Pricius: Welcome

What Pricius offers

Pricius is a powerful cloud platform that revolutionizes the ability of retailers to track the competition. Pricius covers the entire market, i.e. any online retailer or channel, including price comparison engines.

Fully automated price collection

Just point to individual products or entire categories, provide measurement frequency and duration, and Pricius will start collecting prices automatically

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Collection of evidence for privacy forensics

Sophisticated analytics on collected prices

Market Analysis

Advanced Tax and Duty functions

Perform net price comparisons with local and overseas competitors

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How Pricius works

Scrape competition sites

  • Teach Pricius how to extract product data through simple pointing and clicking on a few product names, prices, and categories

  • Pricius will learn and store an extraction template for the site

  • If the site changes, just re-train and scraping will continue uninterrupted

  • Scrape any site on the web


Match own products against competitors’

  • SKU, GTIN, UPC, ISBN, etc

  • String matching and Natural Language Processing

  • Price matching

  • Image matching

  • Bipartite matching


Analyse pricing information

  • Historical price evolution and trends

  • Per category analysis

  • State of the art /interactive analysis environment

  • Everything cloud-based


Recommend optimal pricing

  • Price deviation alerts

  • Price recommendations

Pricius: About

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