Profitability  Analytics


CostNous is a critical assistant for managing the infrastructure cost and profitabilty of digital services.

Organizations with a digital offering need to know how much to invest on ICT as well as, how to optimally price their portfolio.


CostNous boosts enterprise profitability by recommending budget allocation and pricing optimization, based on cognitive algorithms and data analytics.


What CostNous Offers

Seamless on-boarding meets insightful analytics and powerful customization.
With CostNous, business, finance and IT executives can have at any time a clear and accurate view of customer usage patterns and cost of operations.

CostNous assists a variety of business units to cope with some of their most demanding tasks:


  • Simulate the Impact of Campaigns Before Launch

  • Simulate Customer Usage on New Service  Offerings

  • Product Price Optimization


  • Discount Recommendations for Large Customers

  • Rationale & Factual Support During Contract Negotiation


  •  Budget Analysis & Forecasting

  • Stress Test for SLAs & QoS

  • Maintenance Impact Minimization on Revenue and QoE

  • Private vs. Public Cloud Deployment Recommendations

  • Mobile & Fixed Network Planning

Finance  & Procurement

  • Optimal Purchasing Time Recommendations

  • Revenue & Profitability Forecasting


CostNous Features

Usage Forecasting

Based on patent pending "usage stochastic characterization" algorithm, simulates customer usage patterns up to 12 months in the future.

Cost Attribution

Based on patent pending "top 10% percentile peak cost attribution algorithm" calculates the cost of ICT resources consumed by business services and customers.

What-If Scenario Generator

What-If schemes can be ingested into the system to simulate cost and revenue of hypothetical scenarios (e.g. impact of a new campaign, or launch of a new bundled service offering).

Price & Budget Optimizer

Reveals the optimal price model for a specific customer type, or the optimal infrastructure budget investment in order to maintain SLAs.


Who benefits from CostNous?

  • Financial Institutions

  • FinTech providers

  • Mobile & fixed network operators

  • Cloud service providers

  • Wireless access providers

  • Web-based service providers

  • Any business with a large and complex data center or enterprise network.

  • Non-IT companies that operate complex networks in transportation, energy delivery, utilities, etc.


Use Cases

● Infrastructure Cost Optimization: Identify customers that their usage patterns allow for resource over commitment, meaning that more of them can be serviced on the same physical resources leading to CAPEX savings.
● Aggressive Customer Acquisition-Churn Prevention
● Budget Optimization as a Service


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  • how to improve your commercial policy

  • how to avoid over-provisioning

  • how to achieve accurate and visible cost management

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