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Beyond our product portfolio, the Engineering and Data Science teams of LSTech offer tailored

professional services in sectors relevant to our products and expertise. 



Our Data Engineering team has experts in a wide range of technologies and frameworks, including



  1. Linux (Centos & Debian) installation, configuration and administration

  2. Systemd

  3. Network Configuration (setup different vlans, firewall configuration etc.)

  4. Virtualization Technologies (for example KVM or Virtualbox or VMWare etc.)

  5. Kubernetes application development and administration

  6. Helm

  7. Docker / Docker compose

  8. Google cloud

  9. Serveless architecture

  10. Jenkins

  11. Sonarqube

  12. Bash scripting

Software Engineering

  1. Java

  2. Javascript

  3. Spring Framework

  4. Python

  5. Apache Spark (PySpark) Development

Big Data and Analytics  Frameworks

  1. Elasticsearch - Kibana - LogStash

  2. MySQL/PostreSQL/MongoDB

  3. Apache and Cloudera Hadoop
  4. Apache Kafka 

  5. Big Data security and regulatory compliance (SSL certificates and security policies, LDAP/Kerberos)

Data SCIENCE & Machine Learning

Our Data Scientists apply their knowledge of statistics, mathematics, and machine learning to solve real-world business problems. We work hand in hand with customers to:


  1. Define goal

  2. Translate them into measurable KPIs

  3. Select the right data features and algorithms

  4. Produce initial analytics 

  5. Revise and re-optimise

  6. Develop production real-time systems with machine learning cores and state of the art analytics dashboards


We work on a daily basis with technologies, programming languages, libraries, and frameworks for ML that include:

  1. Tensorflow

  2. Caffe

  3. R

  4. numpy

  5. Deep Learning

  6. SparkML

  7. PyTorch

  8. XGboost

Light show

Data Engineering

Let us help you with all the complex engineering challenges related to collecting, cleaning, storing, and making data accessible to the rest of your organisation and your clients.

Our DevOps Engineers have many years of proven field experience on: 


  • Batch & Streaming Ingestion Techniques

  • Handling Complex Data Sources

  • Working with Telco Traffic, Billing & CRM Data

  • Ingesting IT Data Center System Logs

  • Private & Public Clouds

  • Mobile and Fixed Networks

  • Publishing Data to Web Portals & Dashboards  

Lights in the Dark


Big Data processing for one of the largest TelCos in Europe

Real-time data analytics project processing TeraBytes per second of network traffic from network flow logs 

Forecasting analytics for one of the largest FinTech in Europe

  • Cost Generators Analysis

  • Last Hour Statistics

  • Transaction Arrivals Per Second

  • Next Hour Forecast

  • Five Minute TXs Arrivals vs Copies

  • What-If Stress Test Simulation

Infrastructure maintenance optimization for one of the largest TelCos in Europe


Schedule station maintenance minimizing down time and impact to provided services


LSTECH participates in EU Research and Innovation projects.

SMOOTH assists micro enterprises in adopting and complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by designing and implementing an easy-to-use and affordable cloud-based platform. This platform will allow the validation of micro enterprises compliance according to the legislation and will inform them of the elements needed to be revised to avoid potential fines.

H2020 grant agreement number No. 786741

In a competitive Europe, individuals and companies should be fully aware of the value of the data they possess, and feel safe to use it. Safe-DEED (Safe Data-Enabled Economic Development) brings together partners from cryptography, data science, business innovation, and law to focus on improving Security technologies, improving trust as well as on the diffusion of Privacy enhancing technologies. Furthermore, as many companies have no data valuation processes in place, Safe-DEED provides a set of tools to facilitate the assessment of data value, thus incentivising data owners to make use of the scalable cryptographic protocols developed in Safe-DEED to create value for their companies and their clients.

H2020 grant agreement No. 825225



Trusting Secure Data Sharing Space ICT-13-2019-2020 TRUSTS will ensure trust in the concept of data markets as a whole via its focus on developing a platform based on the experience of two large national projects, while allowing the integration and adoption of future platforms by means of interoperability. The TRUSTS platform will act independently and as a platform federator, while investigating the legal and ethical aspects that apply on the entire data valorization chain, from data providers to consumers

H2020 grant agreement No. 871481


H2020 ICT-13-2019-2. Building the next generation personal data platforms to build the largest-ever transparent data marketplace implementing and demonstrating EasyPIMS (Personal Information Management Systems) with hundred thousand end-users, collaborating with advertisers and operators in the web market.


H2020 grant agreement No. 871370.,

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