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Privacy-preserving data governance solution

GoverNous is LSTech’s data off-the-shelf data governance solution allowing granular privacy-aware control of data assets that allow for secure storage and centralised access to information distributed across the cloud-edge continuum.

Virtualized Query Engine

  • Record and field-level access to data stored in different formats (file storage system, SQL and NoSQL databases)

  • Distributed computing leveraging cluster computing to share the workload across nodes

  • Federated queries to access multiple data sources from a single query

  • Privacy-enhancing technology (PET) support

  • ANSI SQL support

Metadata and data lineage

  • Catalog-based metadata management

  • Flexible data discovery engine

  • Data lineage management

  • Data classification and automatic identification of sensitive data fields

  • Flexibility and interoperability ​


  • Off-the-shelf dashboard solution or integration with key GUI platforms

  • SQL query engine

  • Customizable visualization charts and tables

  • Seamless integration with the rest of the components

Security and access control

  • Role-based granular access control to files, folders, databases, tables/views, features/fields, and registers.

  • Audit trail of all access requests

  • Security policy management through a friendly interface

  • Dynamic filtering of rows and masking of privacy-sensitive columns

AI/ML Models support

  • Scalable interoperable processing layer to process and enrich information

  • Seamless integration with storage and data governance systems

  • Flexible engine working with key development languages and libraries

Data Connectors (optional)

  • Ready-to-use data connectors to share data in European data spaces

  • Flexible selection of datasets and terms of data sharing

What GoverNous offers

  • Privacy-aware data virtualization access to distributed data assets

  • Metadata and lineage management

  • Flexible query engine and processing capabilities to access and enrich datasets

  • Automatic detection and anonymisation of sensitive data

  • Granular and user-friendly access permission management

  • Optional: Plugable data connectors to connect to European data spaces

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